Nous venons d'annoncer la traduction future du nouveau drama de Sakurai Sho...

Voici donc le texte "officiel" de son annonce... avec plus d'infos quant aux noms des acteurs, de l'histoire ... (désolée, c'est en anglais).

 Kochira Fuji TV, < 15 years since Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster, 7 days of Kobe Newspaper, the fight of newspersons who lived in disaster site (draft)> next January marks 15 years since Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster. A documentary drama which is described the fight to continue to publish newspaper in rubble in spite of facing to the risk of breakup of company building will be on air! Sho Sakurai acts the leading role of young photograph reporter at Kobe Newspaper. Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster occurred at 5:46 17 Jan. 1995. Lifelines such as road, railway, electricity, water, gas, telephone were stopped. Victims stand in an ominous stupor. Then information has been interrupted. The Newspaper Company was located in the center of afflicted district. Kobe Newspaper Company. Established for 110 years. 500,000 copies per year published at that time. It was indispensible newspaper for Kobe people as major local newspaper. Employees are proud of their newspaper which never recessed even during war. But the function of Newspaper Company was paralyzed because of earthquake disaster. Computers to edit newspaper were broken and development of photos also had trouble. All what remained were 2 lines of telephones and a rotary duplicator. The head of Newspaper Company directed to all newspersons. “We publish newspaper in any way I can.” They haven’t given up publishing newspapers. Fuji TV will brought to you a documentary drama next January at 15 years milestone since Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster. The drama describes the fight of newspersons at Kobe Newspaper continued to publish newspaper straddling in every situation. “15 years since Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster, 7 days of Kobe Newspaper, the fight of newspersons who lived in disaster site (draft)” on air next January pursuit the current aspect after 15 years, who struggled to find answer of “the role as local newspaper” and “what we could do for victims” They encountered unprecedented disaster. Young reporters who questioned to point a camera at victims started thinking real meaning of “reporting”. Sho Sakurai as Mitusyama, a young photographer reporter. Kazue Fukiishi as Kaori Koto, a fresh man of photograph reporter. Takeshi Naito as Yamane, a head of editor who did agonizing choice at company’s risk. Masahiro Takahashi as Shudo Seiri, a director to head for Kyoto in order to publish Kobe Newspaper at Kyoto Newspaper Company with Mituyama. Seito Hagiwara as Kanei, a senior newsperson.

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